Overhead Cranes - EP03

The hoist unit is mounted to a movable overhead steel structure also called bridge structure. This overhead structure is mostly running on a runway, mounted inside a building in the roof structure. Standard capacity’s up to 50 tons all by electrical movements due to the structure weight and heavy capacity’s.

Single Girder - EP030

Hoist unit is suspension type, with as options Low and Normal headroom.


Manual - EP031

When capacity’s and duty cycle low then there is option Manual. Mostly this type is found in maintenance applications.


Double Girder - EP035

Hoist unit is foot mounted on a movable trolley, together called “crab”. Moving on the top from 2 girders, also called the bridge.

Double Girder Bridge 270 - EP036

It is double girder overhead crane with rotating trolley for the application to rotate the load after lifting up to 270 degree angle.

QUICK EOT Cranes - EP037

QUICK Material handling solution. Delivery within 2-4 weeks after 100% prepayment receiving/order registration. Capacity 2.5 – 5 and 10 tons with Hoisting height 6mtr. and spans up to 15mtr. Only single girder solutions. Delivered with CE-certificate and stamped made in UAE.