Transforming drawings into Hoisting Equipment / EOT-Crane Systems.

In our dedicated factory’s, designed to produce in an efficient workflow, our high quality and reliable Hoisting Equipment / EOT-Crane Systems. We as Lemmens Crane Systems having the following production options:

 Lootah Lemmens LLC, Arabian world (GCC) oriented factory in the new industrial zone Al Thoub in the Umm Al Quain UAE, also Re-Exporting to Europe

 Lemmens Russia 000, Russian world oriented factory in Pitischnoe – Moscow Area

 Our Partner Factory GHSA – BENELUX oriented factory in Beasian from GH-Spain.



Yes, certified according ISO 2008-9001 with integrated
SHE-Policy of course implemented in all our joint ventures.

We produce our wide range of lifting solutions according to agreed drawings and valid regulations because industrial lifting equipment is qualified according their definition as a dangerous equipment/tool. Dangerous tools need to be produced according to regulations with dedicated testing and certification procedures. The returning basic part from our products is the BOX-Girder, who will be produced according the established and proven technology from Lemmens Crane Systems based on STRESS FREE welding and using the welding heat input to bring the girder into the required shape, ready for his long lasting task.

Work Flow

Girder plate assembly – Welding – End carriages production – walkways – Bridge assembly, YES including wheel alignments.
Mechanical Assembly of the crane bridge.
Hoist-Crab assembly and installation on the crane bridge (Marriage).
Electrical Assembly of the Hoisting Equipment / EOT-Crane System.
Disassembly for sandblasting and painting.
Re-Assembly from the EP-End Product ready for FAT, Factory Acceptance Test, hopefully together with our customer.
Again disassembly into transport possible pieces, to be ready to load on trucks or into containers.

Engineering ISO Functionality


  • Purchase requisition
  • Packing list/freight bills


  • Order request
  • Approved packing list
  • Release materials in supply
  • Differing deliveries


Supply Management is responsible for registering, identification and control of the supply of articles and parts.

Receipt of material, unloading and checking material against the packing list will be handled by store keeper. They will check if the materials have been delivered in accordance with agreement as per PO. Furthermore, upon delivery the packing list will be checked against the purchase order with the specified material. If required, the delivery should include a Certificate or an additional quality control check should be executed by a certified employee. After approval the material received material entry should be made against project, if necessary, reported to Planning and Production.

For service department: Supply management is also responsible for managing and identifying of all supplies on the premises and the spare parts received from customers for repair and/or hoisting equipment for testing. Standard supply parts/materials will be supplemented periodically through order suggestion to Purchasing.

If Wrong receipt material are found the materials concerned will be blocked and not released for production. Differing deliveries concerning purchased materials and parts will be referred to Purchasing. Differing deliveries concerning work contracted out will be referred to Work Planning, after which the necessary and corrective measurements will be taken.

If Wrong receipt material will be registered on a RTV-form (Return to Vendor form). If a delivery is incorrect, the goods will be returned to the supplier or recovered by the supplier together with a return voucher.


L.01 Stock Management
L.02 Receipt of Materials
L.03 Materials supplied by customer


  • Work order
  • Production planning
  • Detailed drawings
  • Price list
  • Cutting list
  • Installation schedule
  • Load Test


  • Work file
  • Progress report
  • Checklists
  • Registration of work hours / time sheet


Functionality Product Management executes projects in the workshop, in accordance with the planning. Using the available materials, people and means, they execute the planned projects quickly and efficiently by means of work orders.

Product Management will receive the standard work file from Planning, which contains all important detailed drawings and material specifications. They are responsible for executing the planned work as agreed and for registering all details on the required forms and documents. The necessary materials and parts will be supplied per project by Supply Management.

After completion of every work phase, a check will take place confirm the Quality plan, making use of the appropriate checklists. Work Planning will give support in order to find solutions when technical difficulties occur and will decide which changes should be made. Technical changes will be noted down on the work drawings by production staff and later accounted by the Drawing Office. The project parts will be released for assembly based on inspections using checklists and documents. Differentiation in the planning will be reported to Planning. Details with regard operating times and presence and absence will be recorded for work administration and project progress.

If a calamity or work accident occur during the work performance the First Aid Trained employee will be called in immediately. He/she will take charge until a stable situation has been realised or until an external rescue team has arrived. The accident will be recorded in the accident registration file and given to the Quality Coordinator.

Also, everyone is responsible for the separate collection of the released waste produce and to take care of disposal in accordance with the legislation in force.


M.01  Production Management Mechanical/Electric
M.02 Temporary checks
M.03 Release workshop
M.04 Internal Calamities
M.05 Waste
M.06 Workshop Repair


  • Delivery order
  • Identification


  • Delivery note
  • Freight bill
  • Dispatch papers


The functionality Dispatch is responsible for adequate and timely transport of purchased, produced or repaired parts to the location of the client. All parts of the projects are wrapped and placed ready, in accordance with Planning, to be sent on time to the project location (possibly for assembly or service and maintenance).

Dispatch will receive notification from Planning Purchase in advance 3days when specialised transport is being hired. After loading the cargo, Dispatch will take care that the correct transport documents are made available for national and international transport. Then will send confirmation to all departments for despatch.

Materials returned after delivery of finished projects will be received by dispatch and concluded. Useful materials etc. will be recorded and delivered to supply. For records pictures of despatch materials with mode transport may be keep in server. Useless materials (e.g. because of large deliveries) will be, after consideration, removed in waste containers or returned to suppliers or will go to supply.


N.01  Prepare for Transport
N.02 Return Materials
N.03 Prepare for Dispatch Documents


  • Order details
  • Delivery details
  • Progress information


  • Work order
  • Order documents
  • Delivery times
  • Proforma invoice


As soon as an order has been made and been confirmed, the General Manager will receive all details regarding this order. He decides who will perform as project leader for that project. The project will then go to the indicated project leader. He will study the project and discuss with Sales if there are any obstructions. If the project is clear, it will go to planning and they decide, with regard the post-calculation details, personnel and specifications of the customer as mentioned in the order file, planning and execution of the order. Project details will be entered into the planning module. The project leader, together with planning, will direct the draftsmen to prepare a draft for approval. Also, the project leader will, together with the purchase clerk, decide which are the critical purchase parts of the order, after which Purchasing can be directed for the purchase. After the client’s approval of the draft the drawings with specifications will be sent to Work Planning.

The Planner will subsequently prepare a weekly planning for the function Production Direction, who will be entrusted with the execution and follow-up of the time planning of the various projects in the workshop. In case of delay or speeding up in the process of production the project planning will be adjusted after consultation with the project leader. The project leader will direct the functionality Invoicing to prepare (part) invoices on time.

Pre-fabricated parts will be prepared for transport, after testing and inspection, to the location of assembly. Dispatch will be directed together with the project leader, after which the assembly can be planned. When the work and the test procedures are finished the delivery can be planned by the Project leader.

All project details will be archived and managed after the project is finished.


H.01  Project planning
H.02 Weekly planning
H.03 Project process and Shipment
H.04 After sales planning
H.05 Periodic inspection of hoisting devices