Hoisting Equipment - EP10

Hoisting equipment is related with lifting of material by any means.


Manual Chain Hoists - EP100

Lifting chain block used for lifting load. It can be manual, pneumatic or electric driven.


Electrical & Pneumatic Chain Hoists - EP101

Lifting chain block by electric or pneumatic/vacuum.


Manual-Electrical-Pneumatic Trolleys - EP102

Same as hoist.

Grabs & Clamps - EP103

Under hook attachment used to lift some special types of product e.g. steel coil.


Lifting Magnets - EP104

Under hook attachment used to lift the steel material e.g. sheet, pipe, rebar etc.

Vacuum Lifting Units - EP105

Under hook attachment used to lift laod through vacuum lifter.

Spreader Lifting Beams & Crane Forks - EP106

Under hook attachment used to lift some loads which is long in size.

Crane Weighers-Load Indicators - EP107

Under hook used to measure the weight.

Textile Lifting Slings - EP108

Under hook to attached the accessories with the hook through chain or steel wire.

Material Handling Equipment - EP109

That equipment which will be used to lift the material e.g. forklift, boom loader etc.

Personal Protective Equipment - EP1010

Also known as PPE which is for safety purpose of personnel. E.g. safety shoes, hand globs helmet etc.